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    Remove pvp armour + others.

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    Remove pvp armour + others.

    Post  P as in pker on Fri Nov 06, 2009 9:22 am

    *In wild standing at caslte waiting for some one to attack and a pvp arm guy comes up, i think eh why not how hard can it be so i attack*

    The first hit i do is a 0 and i think "eh bad luck"? but no.. every single hit i do with my whip is a 0 on his pvp arm. I try my dds, no succses their eather.

    As you maybe figured out i die of his sword that hit constant 30s and then he ended it with an ags.

    Dead, rebanked took on same gear, p2p rune fight arm and a whip.
    Tele and attack, once again 0s all the way and i die.

    For the third time i go back there now pissed with dharok and i attack.

    And wow i hit! and i kept hitting amazing! it goes so good that i actualy kill the guy. I'm freakin happy i'm gettin this higly valuebel armour and sword, maybe even his ags if i'm lucky.

    What happens? i get d boots, gloves a skill cape, fury,runes pot..they noob stuff in drop. I think "wtf is this"? so i ask the mod "Smd" why i didnt get any of the armour, he responded with that if you got the pvp armour on you at death you dont lose it.

    Now if you read this far and u acutaly can read i'm comming with my suggestion.

    Remove the pvp armour or make it able to lose on death.

    Make the armour worse in stats or wtf its wrong with them so a guy with whip can hit through it.

    Remove the armour from pk shop so noobs who kill friends cant get it.

    If not all these noobs who cant pk is goin to put it on and say "I own at pk". Yeah u own with your overpowerd armour that u cant hit through and u cant lose.
    I think that most of you guys thats reading this is guys who has this armour and does exactly wht the dude i wrote about did. But since your guys are sad i'm not writing to you, i'm writing to the owner since i think that he is one of the guys on the server that has that much of a brain that he can see why the pvp armour is fail and just stupid.

    Isnt the name of the server "Pkfantasy" and not "Runescape created by JaGeX ltd"?

    If its pkfantasy as i think it is try to make it a pk fantasy then, try to make it a almost perfect pk system and not with Overpowerd item that doesent belong on a 317 and only noobs that cant pk uses.


    If you dont know that "ftr" is dont ask in a responce.

    I dont give a sht if you think i'm a noob or not, if i'm a noob then your fat, if your going to spend your time telling me that i'm a noob then your even fatter.

    I cant say that i'm not going to use the pvp armour if i get it, but if i get it i will only use it against others with pvp armour to make it fair.

    Yes i know i misstyped alot but since i wrote fast and didnt care for reading through it all (yes i'm a lazy fuck)there came to be alot of miss typing.

    And for the last, i dont give a sht if i offended you or not.

    To every one who read this far, Gratz you know the art of reading.
    To every one thats agree with me, Gratz you got common sence.

    Thx for reading- P as in pker

    People that agree with this.

    P as in pker

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