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    Ancient spells and Wtf cant u fc for?

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    Ancient spells and Wtf cant u fc for?

    Post  P as in pker on Fri Nov 06, 2009 9:40 am

    Up for some sugestions, complaining, moaning and being rude.

    I and some others but mostly me and my m8 use to, as you like to call it "fc" but as we see it, HYBRIDING

    Tbh i dont see wht all of you guys got against fc, if you ever tried doing it with ancient for example agaisnt the guy with, full dh? wanna know who win? if your not verry, verry skill full the dh guys wins.

    Reasons, the barrage spell only freezes 12 seconds, and doing a barrage spell takes around 3 from casting it to the hit.

    The mage pray is freaking unbeliveble good, if u got full dh mage pro on and the guy casts a barrage theirs like 75% that the spell wont hit and the dh guy can very easily get out of the freeze and then start owning the mager with his ahrim on.

    And with all these facts you guys still think Fc is unfair, noobish and alot of that sht when its even harder to kill with hybriding than its doing a 1v1 fight at castle with like whip n dds.

    So how da fuck is fc not leagal when its like 20% chance that you kill any 1 and 80% chance u run or get killed?

    My theory, you got owned in rs by some 1 that fced you and since that you pissed, or your a 7 year old boy, girl, fat kid that just dont know what common sence is.

    My suggestions.

    Remove the "you cant fc since we're goin to moan" rule
    Make the barrage freeze for atleast 20 seconds and not fucking 12-15.

    Why this will help to improve the server?

    You can actualy kill some 1 at kbd, you can actualy kill some 1 at ele, you can actualy kill some 1 with mage which will make the game much more intresting with the fact of lure and that you should be carefull in wild, pretty much making it look much more like rs 2004-2007 and not some bullsht Jagex created after 2008.

    Thats all for me, thx for reading- P as in pker

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